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Converting Group Travel Leads Just Got Easier. We Understand Your Challenges.

Accept payments using Travel Jinni to instantly convert group travel leads.


Your Group Travel Payment Solution

Accept payments with ease and boost your group travel bookings. It's more than a tool; it's the answer to your payment headaches.


Convert group travel leads like never before!

High friction in group bookings means lost revenue. But with Travel Jinni, ensure you maximise your revenue potential.

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Managing group travel bookings can be chaotic, especially when it's time to collect payments.


Did you know? 80% of travellers are busy or spontaneous. Whether they're caught up in the excitement of the moment, buried in their daily routines, or simply love to procrastinate, traditional payment methods don't serve them.


Most payment solutions are designed with individual travellers in mind, leaving the unique challenges of group payments unaddressed.


The Solution

With Travel Jinni, you're not just getting a payment solution

you're getting a partner that understands the nuances of group travel payment

Simplified Group

Say goodbye to the endless back-and-forth. Collecting group payments has never been this effortless.

Financial Planning

Personalised Financial Planning

Every traveller is different. Our system caters to individual financial needs, ensuring everyone is comfortable with their payment plan.

Financial Commitments

Effortless Financial Commitments

We've made the process seamless, so travellers can commit without any hitches.

Mobile mode

Experience predictable revenue and enhanced customer satisfaction

Don't let payment methods inappropriate for group bookings stand in the way of your success. Together, let's tap into those missed opportunities.

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Don’t take our word for it. Hear From Our Early Adopters!

Travel Jinni turned our yearly family trip into a reality! The group payment solution made planning so smooth, and everyone could commit without feeling the pinch.


Claire T., Liverpool

Travel Jinni made our destination wedding planning a breeze. The budget management tools helped us stick to our financial plan, and the automatic reminders ensured our guests never missed a payment. Our big day was perfect, and Travel Jinni played a crucial role in making it happen!


David and Emily W., Glasgow

Organising my college reunion was a breeze with Travel Jinni. The Deadline Tracker was a lifesaver, ensuring everyone made their payments on time.


Raj P., London

I was always hesitant to plan group trips because of the financial strain and commitment. With Travel Jinni, not only was the process streamlined, but I also felt financially protected.


Mia K., Bristol

Travel Jinni has transformed the way we coordinate our annual friends' getaway. The ease of splitting expenses and keeping everyone accountable made it an unforgettable experience. Thanks to Travel Jinni, our friendships are closer than ever!


Mark S., Manchester

As a busy professional, finding time to organise a vacation with friends seemed impossible. Travel Jinni's intuitive platform simplified everything. I was able to plan our dream trip effortlessly, and the cost-sharing feature ensured no one was left behind.


Sarah M., Birmingham

I've always been the go-to person for planning family holidays, and it's never been this stress-free. Travel Jinni's user-friendly interface and transparent cost-sharing feature saved me hours of work and made our vacation more enjoyable. Now, I can truly relax on our family trips!


Rachel B., Edinburgh

Travel Jinni is a game-changer for group travel. I was sceptical at first, but it exceeded all my expectations. The automated payments were a lifesaver, and the payment options allowed us to accommodate everyone's preferences. Travel Jinni made our group adventure unforgettable!


Daniel L., Cardiff

Coordinating a group trip used to be a logistical nightmare. Travel Jinni made it a breeze, and the real-time expense tracking gave me peace of mind. Our holiday was a huge success, and we owe it all to Travel Jinni!


Lisa C., Newcastle

I've always wanted to explore the world with my extended family, but the thought of managing expenses deterred me. Travel Jinni made it possible, and the cost-sharing features brought us closer together. We're now making lifelong memories on our trips, all thanks to Travel Jinni!


Susan H., Leeds


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