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Travel Jinni - Finalist at Touristech Startup Fest 2023
Travel Jinni Shines Amongst Europe's Best: Finalist, in the Touristech Startup Fest 2023
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The Hidden Costs of Group Travel You've Been Ignoring
Are you truly ready for your next group travel adventure? Sure, you've booked the flights, secured accommodation, and planned out a list of exciting activities. However, there's a critical element many travellers overlook—hidden costs. Welcome to a reality check, where we unveil the hidden costs of group travel that you've been blissfully ignoring.
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Why Your Group Travel Budget is a Disaster (And How to Fix It)
Group travel—a convoluted dance of budgeting, coordination, and hoping everything falls into place. You might think you've got it all figured out, but what if we told you that your group travel budget is a ticking time bomb? Welcome to a no-holds-barred analysis of why your group travel budgeting methods are leading you straight into a financial disaster, and more importantly, how to fix it
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The Deceptive Price of Group Travel: What You’re Really Paying For
On the surface, group travel seems like a cost-effective way to explore the world. You’re splitting costs, sharing experiences, and presumably, saving a bundle. But what if we told you that the real price of group travel is far more deceptive than you think? Today, we’re unravelling the hidden costs and unseen sacrifices of group adventures, revealing what you’re really paying for.
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The Group Travel Financial Mistake You’re All Making
Group travel has become synonymous with cost-saving and fun-filled adventures. However, there’s a significant financial mistake that nearly every group makes, often unknowingly. In this provocative piece, we’re shedding light on the financial blunder plaguing group trips, and how it’s tarnishing your travel experience.
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The Social Taboo: Talking Money in Group Travel
Money talks, especially in group travel, yet it remains one of the most avoided conversations. This social taboo could be silently wrecking your group travel experiences, leaving a trail of financial misunderstandings and resentment. Today, we break the silence and delve into why discussing money is paramount in group travel.
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The Myth of Saving Money in Group Travel
Group travel is often hailed as the holy grail of budget-friendly adventures. But what if this widely accepted notion is nothing but a myth? In this audacious piece, we dissect the illusion of saving money in group travel, uncovering the hidden costs and overlooked expenses that could be costing you more than you think.


Don’t take our word for it. Hear From Our Early Adopters!

Travel Jinni turned our yearly family trip into a reality! The group payment solution made planning so smooth, and everyone could commit without feeling the pinch.


Claire T., Liverpool

Travel Jinni made our destination wedding planning a breeze. The budget management tools helped us stick to our financial plan, and the automatic reminders ensured our guests never missed a payment. Our big day was perfect, and Travel Jinni played a crucial role in making it happen!


David and Emily W., Glasgow

Organising my college reunion was a breeze with Travel Jinni. The Deadline Tracker was a lifesaver, ensuring everyone made their payments on time.


Raj P., London

I was always hesitant to plan group trips because of the financial strain and commitment. With Travel Jinni, not only was the process streamlined, but I also felt financially protected.


Mia K., Bristol

Travel Jinni has transformed the way we coordinate our annual friends' getaway. The ease of splitting expenses and keeping everyone accountable made it an unforgettable experience. Thanks to Travel Jinni, our friendships are closer than ever!


Mark S., Manchester

As a busy professional, finding time to organise a vacation with friends seemed impossible. Travel Jinni's intuitive platform simplified everything. I was able to plan our dream trip effortlessly, and the cost-sharing feature ensured no one was left behind.


Sarah M., Birmingham

I've always been the go-to person for planning family holidays, and it's never been this stress-free. Travel Jinni's user-friendly interface and transparent cost-sharing feature saved me hours of work and made our vacation more enjoyable. Now, I can truly relax on our family trips!


Rachel B., Edinburgh

Travel Jinni is a game-changer for group travel. I was sceptical at first, but it exceeded all my expectations. The automated payments were a lifesaver, and the payment options allowed us to accommodate everyone's preferences. Travel Jinni made our group adventure unforgettable!


Daniel L., Cardiff

Coordinating a group trip used to be a logistical nightmare. Travel Jinni made it a breeze, and the real-time expense tracking gave me peace of mind. Our holiday was a huge success, and we owe it all to Travel Jinni!


Lisa C., Newcastle

I've always wanted to explore the world with my extended family, but the thought of managing expenses deterred me. Travel Jinni made it possible, and the cost-sharing features brought us closer together. We're now making lifelong memories on our trips, all thanks to Travel Jinni!


Susan H., Leeds


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